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You have been looking for playing easily a sport? The solution is right here and it's name is: Joaka App!

Willing to play a sport but there is no one available for that? Create a game using Joaka App and you'll find your team for the next play!


Bookings made simple
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Book your field in 5 easy steps!

1. Open the app and choose your favourite sport. We'll immediately show you the best fields in your area.

2. Choose from 3 options: Book a field, Create a game, or Join a game.

3. Choose a field, check its facilities and schedule - Choose the day and time when you want to play.

4. Choose your payment method, pay and share your booking or game with your friends to sign up. They will also be notified an hour before the game.

5. The field confirms the reservation in about 30 minutes. All you have to do is to go and have fun! Access is made by showing the confirmation screen (on your phone) at the entrance.

Book a field

Discover the locations close to you, check out the facilities they have and schedule your game as available!

Create a game

Now you can create games for your friends or invite others to join your own game. The cost of the game is automatically divided by the number of players, without any hassle.

Join a game

Find games created by players in your city and join them. Make new friends with people who are passionate about the same sport as you are!

How to use Joaka App?

You and your friends want to play football on Friday at 7 pm?

No problem! Choose the location and you are a few steps away from your booking. As soon as you pay for the field, you’ll receive a link which might be shared with your friends through Joaka.App.

Now, all you have to do is to go play. We’ll remind you of the booking and we’ll make sure that the field is ready for you.

Would you like to play a tennis match on Saturday, but you can't find a partner?

Create a game yourself and invite your friends to join you. You can also make it public and allow other players to join.

With Joaka App it’s easier than ever to meet new players.

You want to play basketball this Sunday, but you're new in town or you don't have a team?

Find games created by other players from your city and join them. Make new friendships with people who are passionate about the same sport as you are!

Let's have fun!
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