Fly the shuttle on the field and let's see what score you can make!

Badminton is a sport in which two players or two pairs of players play by placing each side of a net, which divides the rectangular field into two equal halves. The two players or two pairs earn points by hitting a butterfly with the rocket so that it passes over the net and lands in the opponent's court.
The playing field measures 13.40m x 5.18m in singles matches and 13.40m x 6.10m in doubles matches. The same field is used for singles and doubles matches, with the difference that some visible dividing lines are drawn. The land is divided into two equal parts by a net with a height of 1.524m in the middle and 1.55m at the ends.
A main referee, assisted by a duty referee and 6 line referees, oversees the competition. Before the start of the game, a draw is made. The winning athlete has three options: to serve, to receive the serve or to choose a field. One point is lost when the butterfly hits the net, falls off the field of play or makes mistakes.

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