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NEW - The Campaign Become Tiktok-er!

We invite you to join us to communicate our brand change in an unusual campaign. Fill out the form below and we'll contact you to set out the next steps! Fill in the form below and we will let you know the next steps!

About our new campaign:

Partner brands and Joaka App invite you to be the next TikTok-er! Creativity is one of the strengths of young people and that is why we invite you to join us to develop together, the largest community of amateur sport players in Romania, under the name of The Joaka App Community. We are launching a new module within the Joaka app, namely the Promotions, which will allow us to organize Interesting Campaigns for our users and give reasons to others to join us. What do we intend? We are in the process of finding companies willing to challenge young people to make daily posts for a month with the brand of those companies and...... Joaka App. We invite you to join us to communicate our brand change in an unusual campaign. Who will participate? 1. We have invited Companies, which operate in Romania and want to be present in the online environment within a campaign created by young people on the TikTok communication channel. 2. Students from the University of Bucharest and those from Transilvania University of Brasov and other young people, who have already turned 18 and want to join us. We are looking for young people who want to test their creativity and skills to promote a real brand in a competition with young people just like them. What are we going to propose to young people? (for tiktok-ers) To choose one of the partners we work with and to post daily, on their own tiktok channel, promotional materials having the following tags: #(promoted brand name) #(possibly discounts or benefits for those who will view your video, offered by the promoted brand) # download a discount code from the #joaka app – bio download link What will young people get? - Their presentation on the app's website - The experience of working in a real project, where their serious approach, will make the difference - Prizes offered punctually by both brands and our traditional partners: sports centers in Romania - The possibility to win one of the 3 cash prizes: the grand prize of 1000 lei and 2 prizes of 500 lei each from a REAL project (all young people having at least onr post with 750 view will enter the competition) - The possibility to be selected as a JOAKA Brand Ambassador for a city in Romania - The opportunity to be selected as an Ambassador of the promoted brand What should we do? 1. The registration period for brands in the Campaign ends on March 31st, 2023. 2. The registration period of interested tiktoks ends on March 31st, 2023. 3. Between April 1st until April 30th, the enrolled young people will make daily posts (minimum 1), respecting the things agreed through the working sessions for the chosen brand. 4. Next comes the impact assessment of the posts and the announcement of the winners on May 5th, 2023. 5. We will work in the first phase with brands, who have online stores or can validate a QR code in their locations, so that they can offer additional benefits to those who make purchases from the chosen brand. 6. We will generate each tiktok-er a code, which will provide an additional benefit to the purchase of those who make reservations in the sports bases in the application, but also to the purchase of products / services from the partner brands (You can get discounts, extra products, free shipping, other kind of benefits for the purchased products, etc.) Why did we,, initiate this project? We have all found out that new generations want to perform faster, are more inclined to technology and use other communication media such as tiktok. So, we could consider that this is a project dedicated to the younger generation to give them an opportunity to work concretely on a project. We want to bring added value to the companies involved in the project to grow the community of amateur sport players in Romania. TikTok is an unexplored/unexploited theme by many brands. Why us ? Because we were in a position where we didn't know why we would choose one tiktok-er or another and we would have liked to benefit from a validation of the impact of his posts on our brand. Because along with well known brands, we can grow, especially since the type of services we offer through our application is addressed to every Romanian. Because we create the community of amateur sport players and we know that many entrepreneurs do sports. This is an invitation to sports for both entrepreneurs and tiktok-ers. As a sport player you have to be disciplined, consistent with your training, to respect your coach and teammates, to have the ambition to always go beyond their limits. Joaka App and you're on the ground!

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