Tennis and squash? You heard right! Come and play tennis with glass walls and be creative with the shots you make!

Padel tennis is a very dynamic and captivating sport, characterized by long exchanges of balls and spectacular points. The competitive nature of the paddle in combination with its social character makes it a fun and enjoyable activity.
The padel was invented in 1969 in Mexico by Enrique Corcuera. The concept was taken over in Spain by Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, who improved the sport and opened the first padel court in Marbella in 1974. After a spectacular rise in Argentina in the 1990s, the new century brought an increase in popularity in Spain as well, where in 2014 it surpassed tennis in terms of the number of active players. The spectacular growth of paddle is also reflected in the popularity of the World Padel Tour, the professional padel circuit with its headquarters in Spain, where most of the tournaments take place.
Padel tennis is currently the fastest growing sport in the world, with over 10 million players worldwide. It is extremely popular in Spain where in 2014 it surpassed tennis, becoming the second sport in terms of number of participants, after football.

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