Joaka Championships

Register or join your team in the Kickr championships and compete in the biggest amateur competitions in Romania!


⚽️ Why playing in the park, when you can play on your own "stadium"? Find a field and invite your friends to a match!

Table tennis

One of those games that "you haven't played in a long time," but you still win. We're waiting for you to join the game 😃.


🎾 Whether you admire the Romanian tennis players who make us proud or you may want to relax, launch the challenge to a friend and meet on the field.


It's like you want to play tennis, but you also want to play football. Combine them both and play a game of football-tennis. ⚽


🏸 Fly the shuttle on the field and let's see where you score!


Feel the adrenaline and the fast-paced game of squash. 🎾


🏀 Dribble your opponents on the field and find out what it's like to feel like a champion.


Tennis and squash? You heard right! Come and play tennis with glass walls and be creative with the shots you make!


Football-tennis combined with glass windows is clear to create a unique sensation through the creative movements you will make!


Multiple sports at the same location? Discover the available activities and come play a game!⚽🏀🏐