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With a history of almost 200 years, squash has become popular in the last decade in Romania as well. It is currently practiced on six continents, being a sport that helps you eliminate about 1000 calories in an hour and in 2003 it was declared the healthiest sport in the world by Forbes Magazine. It is also a fun sport, that can be played in twos and fours (doubles), being a very healthy way to spend free time and socialize.
Squash was invented in 1830 in the United Kingdom. Near London, at the Harrow School, havng a half-millennium tradition, the kids discovered that a ball that deformed on impact with the wall produced a game with an incredible variety of shots and required a huge effort from the players. They did not had the luxury of waiting for the ball to return to them, as it did in Rackets, a sport played at the time, in the king's entourage, but also in prisons.
Squash became more and more popular, and in 1850, the first outdoor squash courts were built in Harrow, where Winston Churchill was educated. The impact was huge, squash began to be practiced in several countries, and in 1907 the Squash Association of the United States of America was established, the first association in the history of squash. They were soon followed by Canada in 1911, then the country that practically invented four-wall sport, Britain, a year later.
The first contact with this sport in Romania took place in 1994. The first squash court was built in the French Quarter of Bucharest, within the Le Club complex. Liviu Popescu was the first player and man to promote this sport in the late 1990s. Later, in the early 2000s, 5 more courses followed: three at the World Class Mariott and two at the Pescariu Sports & Spa complex.

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World Squash Federation - www.worldsquash.org

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